Weathertop Farm and Hopyard, LLC is a family run farm started by Andrea and Michael Hudak and incorporated in 2013. We grow strawberries, blueberries, harvest maple sap from sugar maple trees to process into pure maple syrup. We tend a small apiary, run a flock of Shetland Sheep, have a flock of layers and grow a few forest shiitake mushrooms in addition to our hop growing operations, which are the main-focus of the farm.

Our philosophy has always been to grow sustainably. Growing sustainably to us means working with Mother Nature. Starting by paying great attention to the soil, we use Dr. William Albrect’s methodology for our soil balancing program. Using his methods and tending our crops in natural ways, using natural amendments and fertilizers we have eveloped our sustainable farming practices into manageable plans that maximize yield and quality in the most natural ways.

We believe growing sustainably allows our plants to access minerals and nutrition in the soil better, imparting the finest characteristics from our local environment. Our hops and berries exhibit the finest qualities our New York soils and environment can provide, making them truly unique in character. We say they exhibit a wonderful New York terrior.